Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to have a registered installer?
  • It is part of the national health and safety act, therefore a legal requirement.
  • A registered installer is the only person who can issue a certificates of compliance.
  • It is for your own safety. Would you get a plumber to do you electrical work?

Why do we need a certificate of compliance?
  • Compliance is needed for your insurance. In the case of a fire, a non-compliant installation would void your insurance.
  • It is needed when selling your house.

What are the costs?
  • For a typical installation comprising stove to regulator with change over valve (for two cylinders), 5 meter of pipe, valves, all fittings, setting flame and issuing a certificate of compliance, typically costs approximately R2000. (Gas and cylinders are not included.)

Where can we put the cylinders? Some simple rules:
  • 1 meter from the door, 1 meter from a window
  • 2 meters from a open drain, 5 meters from an electrical source
  • 2 meters from a air-condition inlet
  • This is a basic guide only, a registered installer will help with cylinder placement.